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Award-winning students!

In December, post-doc Jamey Volker and PhD student Amy Lee were named the inaugural winners of the newly instituted Mary Nichols Environmental Policy Award for their recent paper, "Induced Vehicle Travel in the Environmental Review Process," published in the Transportation Research Record. This award is given to the outstanding paper on environmental policy in transportation by current or recently graduated UC Davis students.  

E-Bikes are Taking Off, but Public Policy Must Keep Pace

By Dillon Fitch. 

It’s not just the wind at their back. That bicyclist you saw with a comfortable cadence flying down the road is a part of a new transport trend that’s good for rider health and the environment—the electric assisted bicycle, or e-bike. However, barriers and inequities in e-biking signal a need for new policies to promote bicycling in US cities and make bicycling safe and accessible for all people.  Read more

A COVID boost for bicycling

One small silver lining in the world of transportation amidst this tragic COVID pandemic is a resurgence in bicycling. News outlets are reporting booming sales of bicycles, with bike shops scrambling to keep up with demand. “They’re buying bikes like toilet paper,” one industry expert was quotedRead more.